Wendy Damonte
Channel 2 News 

Sparks Florist has about 45 employees. It's a strong small business, but not big enough to offer health insurance.  

Suzanne Shephard has looked for insurance for her employees over the years, but could never do it because of the cost. "To do major medical you're looking at least a couple hundred a month up to a full blown plan depending on age, could go to $4 to $600 a month per employee."

But last year, Suzanne discovered a program that cost just $40 dollars a month. She pays $20, her employees pay $20. It's called Access to Healthcare Network.

In this network, there are more than 300 doctors plus Saint Mary's and Renown hospitals. Lise Mosel-Martini says it's licensed with the state of Nevada. "All of these providers have joined hands and come together in the network and have agreed to see uninsured people for a cover price in return for cash at the time of service."

And the negotiated prices are unbelievably discounted. For example, Teri Gilbertson needed a full set of dentures. She was about to get the work done through another non-profit organziation before signing up for Access to Healthcare Network.  "It was a little over $4,000 at HAWC and here it was a little over $2,500."

Saint Mary's and Renown are also on board. An overnight stay at the hospital would cost you just $400.   

To qualify, you have to fall within a certain income range: basically from the poverty line to 250% above that. Lise says the range is fairly large. "Basically a family of three can make up to about $45,000 and still qualify for our program."

To reach the Access to Healthcare Network, call 770-6035