Kellene Stockwell
Channel 2 News

Washoe County Sheriff's Deputies are reminding people to remember their limitations after three people died Monday night at Pyramid Lake.

Crews pulled three victims ages 10, 21 and 24 from the lake.

Family members originally called 911 after a two-year-old started drowning. Rescuers arrived and took the child to the hospital. It was then family members realized three others were missing.

Search and rescue divers eventually pulled the three victims from the water. But all three died at the scene.

The Sheriff's Office says the three couldn't swim and thought they were in shallow water. "There's a shelf about 20 to 30 feet off and they weren't expecting a drop off and were unable to swim," says Sgt. Russell Pedersen.

The Sheriff's Office says this is a reminder to be aware of your limitations around water. Also make sure all children wear a life jacket.