J.K. Metzker: 1970-2011

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J.K. graduated of the University of Colorado at Boulder where he majored in Broadcast Journalism. After graduation, he worked as an intern at KTVN. He was then hired by KVIQ in Eureka as a fill-in for their sports anchor.

His first full-time job in TV was at KCBY in Coos Bay, Oregon. He started working at KTVN in 1997.

The most memorable moments of J.K.'s career include covering the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, the Giants-Angels World Series and covering the Nevada basketball team in the Sweet 16 NCAA tournament.

One of his biggest sports moments was covering the Wolf Pack Football team at their bowl games, including two trips to Hawaii!

Born in Reno, J.K. is married to Jaimie, and is the father of three young sons - Tommy, Tanner and Luke.