If you love sports, it’s a good day in Reno. 60 student athletes will have the chance to do what they love the most – play soccer.

“I’m extremely blessed this is crazy, scary, there is a lot of pressure; we are the first team,” says Arturo Carrasco.

After three years of work, TMCC has just kicked off their new soccer program, with a brand new soccer field for both men and women.

“We are giving our students opportunities to come out here and get a college degree and then they also get to play the game they love,” says Tina Ruff, Director of Athletics at TMCC.

The field may look like any other, but for these players and their fans, it has a special meaning.

“Just all the waiting and anticipation and finally he gets to play and he’s part of something great, cause this is the first year they have soccer here, so he’s part of history,” says Daisey Collazo.

As well as a brand new soccer field, students should see a Sports and Fitness Facility come to life in early 2020. For now the scrimmage games will be free.