Heat is not something to take lightly. While it might not appear to be as dangerous as say a hurricane or a tornado data says otherwise, especially when a child is left in a car on a hot day. After ten minutes in a car, the temperature can rise about twenty degrees. On a hot day air conditioning and water can be your best friend. Compared to the last two, it’s been a relatively mild summer.  We’ve had several chances to reach 100 degrees the past few months, but each time we’ve come a degree shy. We broke that streak today, August 15th. 

What helps us out is that the temperature cools off at night. Heat Advisories and warnings are usually issued when the daytime and nighttime temperature are well above average. This is usually a bigger concern in in the southeast because it is more humid there. It can be difficult to figure out if someone died from the heat or cold, or something else like a heart attack. So while some research shows heat as the number one weather related killer each year, others shows other hazards like the cold. Flooding is easier to pinpoint as a cause of death. According to the national weather service it is the second highest weather related killer on record. First when it comes to thunderstorms.  On average, you are more likely to die from flash flooding than a hurricane or a tornado. Depending on how active the season is, tornado and hurricane stats can vary each year. It takes only one significant event to skew results. Oftentimes, the biggest threat from hurricanes is the flooding rains or storm surge. The chart below does not include the thirty year average for wind and rip current related deaths.  There was a lack of information. 

More children die each year while left in a hot car than you might think. According to the National Weather Service in Omaha, Nebraska, Texas saw around 90 deaths from kids left in cars from 1998-2013. There were 11 deaths in Nevada. 

While a weak low will move through here this weekend, it will still be hot with highs in the lower to mid 90’s. The average high usually starts go down this time of year, but instead we’ve had one of the hottest weeks yet this summer.  Make sure to stay hydrated and have a good weekend. Highs will be slightly above normal.