Do you need some help with your lawn care?  Now, there's an app for that. A service that's calling itself the "Uber for lawn care" made its debut in Reno this week.  GreenPal is a online service that pairs residents with local lawn care professionals.  To get started, just enter your address.

"What that does is alert all the pre-screened vendors in the area that there is a new lawn up for bid," said GreenPal Co-Founder Gene Caballero.   "They bid on that property based on the Google aerial and Google street view of that property, the square footage of the property and any details that the homeowner provides.  Those vendors bid on the property, those  bids go to the homeowner and the homeowner can decide who they want to work with based on the ratings, reviews and price."

GreenPal is in about 150 markets in 40 states and it's free for residents to use and for landscapers to sign up.

"How GreenPal keeps the lights on is we take 5% of the transaction," Caballero said.  "So homeowners don't pay a convenience fee or anything like that, vendors don't pay to bid, we just take 5% of the transaction after the homeowner is happy with the service."

About 30 Reno-area businesses have signed up to be part of the service so far.