Washoe County Deputies are also looking for a man who allegedly used stolen credit cards at two local stores and a casino.

Deputies say he broke into a parked car on Flanders Drive and Barnwood Court back on June 20th and stole the cards out of the victim's purse.

If you have any information that can help authorities, call the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division at (775) 328-3320 or Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900. Refer to case WC19-3239. Your tip will remain anonymous. A $250 reward is being offered. 

The Sheriff’s Office offers the following tips that may help prevent someone from becoming a victim:

Don’t leave valuables in the car. If you don’t need to take valuables with you for an outing, leave them safely at home. If valuables must be left in a vehicle, be sure to lock them in the trunk or glove compartment not under jackets or blankets behind the seat as that is one of the first places criminals look
Don't leave any sign that there might be valuables hidden in a vehicle by leaving items such as docking stations or connector cables visible. Leave nothing in plain sight that might make the vehicle a target for thieves, not even loose coins
Be sure to set the car alarm or anti-theft devices. These are still effective deterrents against criminals who are looking for the easiest target
Keep windows completely closed. Partially open windows may make your vehicle an easier target for thieves
Lock the door when leaving the car. Still one of the most common issues with vehicle burglaries

Always report suspicious activity to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

(The Washoe County Sheriff's Office contributed to this report.)