There's a third arch in Downtown Reno.  Steel fabricators Tutto Ferro built a custom arch for the Biggest Little Dog Park on Commercial Row and installed it over the park's entrance on Tuesday.

"This is kind of the crown jewel of the project but we've been making progress all Winter long," said Sherron Elledge, who has been overseeing fundraising efforts for the park.   "We've installed these biscuit bone benches at each end of the park, we have silhouettes of sponsored dogs on display, and artist Hannah Eberle is painting more pets on the murals."

The park has been a community effort from the start.

"We couldn't have done this without community participation," Elledge said.   "The city put up $75,000 and we raised the rest, close to $200,000 to get to where we are today.  We were donated a real fire hydrant - the city installed it - and we had an artist paint it so it looks like a dalmatian and the dogs really like it!"

The park is utilizing a concrete slab in Downtown Reno just  blocks from the Arch over Virginia street and the original Arch over Lake Street.

"There are so many people who come down here," Elledge said.   "They're getting to know their neighbors, and without something like this you never really know your neighbors.  A lot of people have made friends down here and they go to lunch together and do things like that, so it's doing exactly what we hoped it would do and it's an oasis right in the heart of town."

More sponsored dog silhouettes will be going up soon and there are plans to build a windbreak on the property.  Fundraising efforts are ongoing.

"We are still fundraising for phase two, we're about $20,000 short of where we're trying to be because want to establish a long-term maintenance fund," Elledge said.   "We want it looking as nice ten years from now as it does now so any contributions are more than welcome."

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