The Builders Association of Northern Nevada is stepping up to remodel several homes for the organization known as Step 2. The residents of Step 2 are women who are battling long term substance abuse issues.

Last year, Sierra Murphy was one of four recipients of the Annual Cottage Makeover. For the last 3 years, the Builders Association has been renovating Step 2's cottages on their campus. The houses are a refuge for those who are recovering from long term substance abuse. This year four homes are being worked on.

“Women will come to us often homeless, without a job, and battling substance abuse,” said Step 2 CEO Mari Hutchinson. Murphy was one of these people. She was addicted to meth and separated from her children. “I was living in a trailer with no electricity,” said Murphy.

Murphy went through treatment and moved into one of the 6 homes that were part of previous makeovers. Something simple as air conditioning has made a difference. “I can turn on my air conditioner. It’s the best coping skill I have. When I start thinking about my past I start getting hot,” said Murphy. The upgraded kitchen, bathroom, floors, and repainted walls also make a difference in how she approaches life.

“It's vital to get the people in or community connected with the right resources so they can get clean and sober. So we can get them off the streets and minimize the cost to our community,” said Hutchinson.

Each renovated cottage is worked on by a different builder who adds their own touch as well as raises the funds to pay for the cost. As for Murphy, it’s a home she can cherish with her reunited kids. “To have their kisses and feed them in a beautiful kitchen is priceless,” said Murphy.

Less than half of Step 2's homes have been worked on at this point. If you're interested in helping the Builders Association of Northern Nevada with furniture or funds for the remodeling you can contact them at 775-329-4611.