The Annual International Forensic Conference is in Reno this year. The conference, taking place at the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, brings together law enforcement, students and lab technicians, business, to learn how to better solve crimes.

“We are providing a lot more information to jury these days than we ever did in the past,” says Bill Schade from the International Association for Identification.

The Association has been working on keeping professionals up to date for the past 104 years. “You used to take the evidence back to the lab to process it, nowadays we are bringing the labs to the field,” he says.

But even with technology advancements, "a person" is still in charge of operating the system, that’s when education is key.

“It’s not just the published research that we see, it’s all the little things and all the little labs all over the place, that people are doing so we can pick up ideas, tips, tricks, what’s working, what’s not working,” says Brian Orr, attendee. 

In this year’s conference, new equipment, new technology, new practices have been introduced to more than 1300 people, offering a chance to forensic professionals to not only learn, but share experiences through lectures and workshops.

Sunday is the conference’s last day. In 2020 the conference will take place in Orlando, Florida.