The BLM says a lightning-sparked wildfire is burning north of Fallon in the Stillwater Mountain Range. 

The BLM says the lightning strike happened a few days ago, but the fire sparked up on Tuesday.

"We had a lighting storm come through, it was a very wet lightning storm. It was four days prior to yesterday, and a lot of strikes in the area. The hot dry weather allowed that to dry out. So based on location and what we are seeing from the air it appears to be a lightning fire," says Incident Commander Ryan Elliott.

The 1,383-acre Wood Canyon Fire is now 90% contained. Full containment expected Monday.

It started just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday, August 13th about 35 miles northeast of Fallon. 

BLM says more than 220 personnel are responding to the fire. 

BLM says no structures are threatened, but if the fire were to spread they are concerned about wildlife and military installations in the area.

Elliott says, “Its burning wilderness study area. The main concerns we have, their are dangers and threatened species here to the north in Dixie valley. To the south their are some military installation stuff we have to be worried about.”

At this time, it's expected to be fully contained this Saturday.