In Midtown, the talk is all about development -- but a small local business says the boom is costing them a great deal.

After 19 years in the area, the El Salvador restaurant is closing its doors.

“We are looking for a new place, hope we can find pretty soon, they want more money you know,” says Refugio Garnica, server at El Salvador restaurant.

Their rent is set to go up to market value, and that means they would have to pay double what they used to.

“I feel that they've almost been pushed out, because they don't meet that new standard of that new improved area,” says Amanda White, customer at El Salvador restaurant.

Having to close the business will force employees to look for other jobs, after many years.

“It's been a secret hidden gem, and to know it is closing, it’s really sad, they have been around for so long and to see them go,” says White.

Monday, August 19th will be their last day in business, but costumers hope it's not for long.

“Fingers crossed they will reopen and we will have our delicious popusas again,” says White.