Two local sisters Eilish and Kailin Kelderman are trying to reach the Mamma Mia cast. 

Kailin watches the second Mamma Mia movie "Here We Go Again" ten times a day. 

They went to Donner Lake and took photos in Young Donna inspired outfits to try and reach Kailin's favorite cast member Lily James.

Mamma Mia "Here We Go Again" is about Young Donna who is played by Lily James.

It's the young version of the character made popular by Meryl Streep in the original film.

Donna leaves on a journey of a lifetime to Europe. Twenty-four-year-old Kailin Kelderman who has disabilities found a kindred spirit in Young Donna.

"I love Mamma Mia so much, it's so wonderful," says Kailin Kelderman.

With Mamma Mia being a musical we had to know what her favorite song was...

"My favorite song is called when I kiss a teacher by Donna and inaudible," says Kailin.

Kailin's face lights up when she is watching the movie and singing along. Kailin's twenty-three-year-old sister Eilish says the movie changed Kailin's life.

"The second movie is when she was going in deep, she was like obsessed. It's pretty much all she talks about. When we watch it together it makes me so happy, because she just like knows every single word, every single character," says Eilish Kelderman.

"My sister is like number one fan ever. It's all she does, it's like her whole life. She knows all the words to all the songs, and she would like know you guys by name. She'd probably know your social security number, she is on it."

Eilish says the Mamma Mia movies also helped bring Kailin out of her shell.

"When we got to high school KK was really bullied, and the administration didn't do much about it. There is still some issues with Washoe County and special education and stuff like that. They weren't really inclusive and it really put her back in her shell."

"I feel like Mamma Mia really bought her out of her shell and she was really able to be her self again, and express her love and passions about that. But it's really cool because I feel like after high school I finally got my sister back," says Eilish.

After hearing Kailin and Eilish's story you can only image what it would mean for them to actually meet the cast.

"I think it would be the coolest thing just for my sister to see that she can accomplish her dreams. And that people are going to notice her, and think that she is awesome... and people going to be like... not even like look up to her. But see that things can happen if you want them to happen. And just because you have a disability doesn't mean you can't do the things you want to do," says Eilish.

If you would like to help they reach the cast, we have set up their story on our Facebook. Please share and hashtag #mammamia.