UPDATE: The old Shoppers Square is turning into the new Reno Public Market.

Right now, it's business like usual outside Shoppers Square, but inside something special is happening.

“We are in the first phase of asbestos removal in some of these spaces and we have submitted a building for a out parcel on Plumb Lane. In that building we will relocate Port-of-Subs and Cold Stone Creamery,” said  Rick Casazza from Reno Public Market.

Over a year ago, a new name was announced for Shoppers Square. The facility will be called the Reno Public Market.  Plans were announced that the project would cost $34 million. The property would be 150,000 square feet. It would include retail space, a public market food hall and a specialty organic grocer. Progress has been made.

“We do have a lease signed with a grocery store. We are not at liberty to say who they are yet. They want to make their own announcement,” said Casazza.

CVS will move further down the complex. Demolition of that space has already begun. “We are right sizing it into what size a grocery store likes to be now, about 15-thousand feet with a drive-thru.

A specialty restaurant will be located on a new second floor overlook. “We don't have a restaurant signed. We are talking to several people at this point,” said Casazza.

The food hall will be anchored by the Fiftyfifty brewery out of Truckee, California. The tap room will have a brewery and tasting room. The rest of the food hall will be composed of vendor spaces for local businesses, in particular those with food trucks. “We think this is the next step for them where they can come inside and have a year round restaurant,” said Casazza.

Reno Public Market is hoping to have a stage for performance and art shows, and a coffee cafe. Negotiations are currently under way to find the right vendor for that. Currently the building is conducting the first two stages of demolition simultaneously. The third and final stage is set to start in October. Hopes are to have construction finished and everything fully operational by spring of 2021.

Original Story: Reno Public Market has announced its plans for demolition of their current Plumb Lane site as they begin construction for the new space slated to open in 2020. 

The demolition will be completed in three phases: asbestos abatement, interior demolition, and exterior demolition. The first two phases are already underway inside the 150,000 square-foot structure.

On September 1, construction will begin on the new buildings that will be used for Cold Stone and Port of Subs on the south area of the current parking lot on Plumb Lane. The first visual of outside demolition will be in early October on the northwest corner of the project.

“We are excited to get a start on the exterior of Reno Public Market,” said Doug Wiele of Foothill Partners. “There is a lot of work that has already gone into starting this project, and we are ready to announce to the public our timeline for demolition and parts of the construction. 

The original 150,000 square-foot structure will be redeveloped to make way for contemporary spaces, which will include a public market food hall, daily-needs retail spaces, and a specialty organic grocer and a relocated CVS Drug Store.

As the three phases of demolition conclude, construction will begin inside the building with moving CVS to the former Shepler’s location. CVS will remain open during the entire duration of construction. Port of Subs and Cold Stone are expected to open in their new location in late March, 2020. 

“Our team has been working diligently to deliver a Reno Public Market that will be beneficial to the community. I am excited to see this business that has been in my family for so long transform into something great,” said Rick Casazza, of Reno Public Market. 

(The Abbi Agency contributed to this report.)