If you love cats then you will like this story. But we aren't talking about your furry friends at home.

We are talking about an animal at least twice that size.

There has been multiple bobcat sightings in Northwest Reno recently.

As you can imagine, bobcats do not make for good company.

Experts with the Nevada Department of Wildlife say it's impossible to completely avoid them so they have some advice for you pet owners.

"They're kind of all over the place in Nevada. You can find them in the desert, in the mountains, in the trees, there just kind of everywhere," says NDOW's Urban Wildlife Coordinator Jessica Wolff.

If you have seen a bobcat your first reaction may be fear at seeing a cat that big just waiting to pounce. Or you may think they are just beautiful creatures.

Wolff says here are where they are seeing them the most.

"I've got a lot of reports that they are in the Northwest area by the N, and also down in Carson. There has been quiet a few reports."

If you see one close to your house, here may be the reason why...

"They are very opportunistic, so they are going to go after kind of whatever they can get too. But their favorite meal is rabbits, so in urban environments we have plenty of lawn spaces and be here. They will go after the little rabbits and other rodents if they can get them," says Wolff.

She says they don't usually come after humans but some residents are scared for their pets.

"You know when I come out here late afternoon, or in the evenings it's scary actually. You can see them like running across things, around the grounds. When you're out with your dogs, you're constantly looking around to say...you know to be careful....hopefully we can be aware, and people can be aware. Because losing a pet is like losing a family member," says Jennifer Trusty a Northwest Reno resident.

Experts say they haven't heard about too many cases where bobcats had an issue with pets.

But if you run into a bobcat there are some things you can do...

Wolff says,"You want to get really big and really loud, yell at it. If you are outside and you have your garden hose you can kind of spray some water towards it. Or if you are on a walk and are concerned about them in the area you carry an air horn and blow it to scare them off with sounds. Just little things like that."