191.6 square miles. That's the size of Lake Tahoe. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency recently released its 'Tahoe Boating' application to help navigate Tahoe's waters.

"We just thought there was a need for it," said Chris Larson, the Public Information Officer for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.

The app features a map which not only lets people know where they are on the lake, the distance between two points, but also no wake zones.

"You have a better chance at safety by having your speed reduced until you get more than 600 feet away from shore," said Larson.

It also teaches people about invasive species. 

"No one loves the mussels," said Amy Fish the G.I.S. Manager at T.R.P.A. 

The not-so invasive species are featured too.

"What kind of fish," explained Fish. "What kind of birds you are going to find."

The app features the locations of gas stations for boats, and restrooms too.

"Exactly," said Larson. "You leave from the south end of Lake Tahoe and you're out having a few waters, and you get to the north end, and you're like man, I got to go to the bathroom."

Tahoe trivia is featured too.

"Some really cool things like where there's a sunken ship, what the deepest point of the lake is," said Fish.