The Nutrition Services Facility is in the later stages of a $10 million expansion and renovation, and the added space will help them as they expect to serve more meals with more students eligible for free lunches.

In the 2019-2020, 39 schools will have free breakfast and lunch for every student, no matter household income. The schools are at the bottom of this story.

A spokesperson for the district says they considered opening the building for "double sessions," meaning they would operate a day shift and a night shift in order to make the food needed. Expanding the building was one of the main priorities listed for funds from WC-1 in 2016.

If your school is not listed, you're encouraged to fill out an application to see if you qualify here.

Elementary schools include:

  •         Lemmon Valley
  •          Drake
  •          Alice Smith
  •          Stead
  •          Dodson
  •         Veterans Memorial
  •          Palmer
  •          Desert Heights
  •         Greenbrae
  •         Lincoln Park
  •         Picollo
  •          Bennett
  •          Elmcrest
  •          Maxwell
  •         Sun Valley
  •          Kate Smith
  •         Corbett
  •          Cannan
  •          Loder
  •          Anderson
  •          Smithridge
  •          Mathews
  •          Allen
  •          Duncan
  •          Booth
  •          Lemelson
  •          Mitchell
  •          Warner
  •          Natchez
  •          Risley

Middle schools include:

  •        Sparks
  •        Vaughn
  •         Dilworth
  •         Traner

High schools include:

  •         Hug
  •        Inspire
  •        Turning Point

Charter schools include:

  •         Mariposa
  •         Bailey

For more information, visit the WCSD Nutrition Services Department at

(WCSD contributed to this report.)