The first day of school in Washoe County is Monday, however, one school will not be ready in time. Dodson Elementary School in Southeast Reno is in the middle of a $2 million project to install a new air conditioning system and upgrade its HVAC system. 

"There's tons of work going on at Dodson Elementary School," said Riley Sutton, a spokesperson for WCSD.

This project replaces old swamp coolers on the school's roof.

"They were very hard to maintain," he said. "They didn't maintain a consistent, cool temperature in the classrooms either."

The project began at the beginning of the summer and will not be finished for two more weeks. 

"It's a big project," he said. "It takes a lot of time."

It is taking so much time that Dodson will start school two weeks later than other schools in Washoe County on August 26. However, parents, students, and teachers were told months in advance. Students will make up the time lost throughout the year. 

"The way they make up time is by losing fall break and one of the weeks of spring break," he said. 

Even though the halls of the school are bustling with activity, crews will be ready by the deadline.

"They're working fast and furious to get it done but we are confident that they'll get it it done." 

The $2 million comes from WC-1, a ballot question voters approved in 2016 to raise taxes to build new schools and to fix old ones. This same money already went to the construction of a new elementary school in South Reno and two middle schools, one in Sun Valley and one in Spanish Springs, which will open August 12. 

"While the new schools are easy to see, there's tons of repair work and tons of repair work going on at other schools throughout the district," said Sutton.

Sometimes the work at older schools is harder to see. However, Sutton believes it is equally important. 

"It's really basic, but important work of bringing our older schools up to being as good as shape as the newer schools," he said.