About five years ago our Someone 2 Know moved to Reno... a few years later he created a transportation solution - called My Ride To Work.

The program saves commuters time and money, and delivers much needed workers to Tahoe Reno Industrial Center.

We met up with Executive Director Geoff Donahue in the pre-dawn hours, as commuters lined up and board buses and shuttles at the RTC Plaza in Sparks.

All the men and women we see were heading to jobs at the Industrial Center the end of USA Parkway; a 40 minute drive, on a good day; "One of the big needs was transportation and that access to be able to get out there to those jobs reliably,” he explains.

Donahue wanted to bridge the 20-plus mile gap between Reno/Sparks and employers like Tesla, Panasonic and Jet.com.  He started My Ride To Work with one simple van pool;

"We went from one van to now we're at about 30 buses and 20 other vehicles - and we range from 14 passenger vans to 56 passenger busses".

Top of the line buses - with all the bells and whistles.

"So, reclining seats, we also have access to USB outlets in the middle of each seat,” Geoff demonstrates, “As well as Wi-Fi equipped throughout the entire vehicle"

Most riders pay nothing; the expenses are covered by the companies that partner with My Ride To Work - eager to fill job vacancies;  “To be able  to access new recruiting points here in Reno and again back to the reliability, to be able to ensure they have a reliable work force coming to and from work each day".

In addition, Geoff's company itself has a full staff. My Ride To Work employs about 60 people

"Mechanics, managers, drivers, supervisors,” lists Donahue “As well as a full time cleaning staff"

Geoff says by taking a few thousand cars off the road – per day - the company is already having a positive impact on the environment - and they are just getting started;

"We're grateful for what the community of Reno has been able to offer us and we're really looking forward to being able to give back to the community"

Geoff also says the company is in the final stages of creating a foundation that will donate transportation to local non-profits.

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