There isn't an exact answer for why there are so many butterflies in Tahoe right now, but there are a few theories.  

“Because there is a lot of food! That’s maybe one of the reasons why we have such a high distribution; because we had some precipitation over the last few years and because they respond well to fires and the area that has been a decent amount over the past few years,” says Sarah Hockensmith, Outreach Director at Tahoe Institute of Natural Science.  

She also says, the butterflies not only look good, but are a great food source for animals in the area.

Regardless of why or how, people seem to be happy to see those beautiful colorful butterflies flying around.

“I love them, they are beautiful, the house we are staying they have gorgeous orange,” says tourist Karen Croft. 

If you want to see the butterflies in Tahoe, experts say they should be around for a few more weeks, until they start hibernating in the winter.