On a campaign visit to Reno on Monday, Washington Governor and Presidential Candidate Jay Inslee made several comments about President Trump and white nationalism in the wake of recent shootings.

“He needs to be confronted on his racism every chance we get,” said Inslee. Inslee kicked off his two campaign meetings with the public in Reno with a shot across the bow of President Trump. 

“We have to have some common sense gun legislation. Federally, I also believe that we have a president who does not traffic in hatred and racial division. And give comfort to white nationalism,” said Inslee. 

In the wake of the weekend's mass shootings, Inslee has been relentless in his attacks. He started Monday morning with Twitter posts. He told President Trump to stop emboldening white nationalism.  Even though the president commented that the nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. “President Trump has divided us and incited this type of violence. Today or yesterday, I heard he said he is now against hatred. Donald trump saying he is against hatred is like Penn and Teller saying they are against magic,” said Inslee. 

These attacks, as well as attacks on President Trump's stances on gun control and environmentalism, have affected part of Inslee's base. William Toledo says it's given him confidence in Inslee's ability to hold his own if he were to get the democratic nomination. “I think he holds his own. Seeing him debate Trump would be excellent. Because he is a man who argues with reason, and has great reasoning as opposed to rhetoric. So I think that would be a pretty good match-up I think,” said Toledo.