Democratic Presidential Candidate and Washington Governor Jay Inslee will visit Nevada for three days to hold roundtables and town halls. 

After initially visiting Las Vegas, he will travel to Reno on Monday where he will hold a roundtable discussion on climate change around 3 p.m. then will hold a town hall at 5:30 p.m. at Cathexes at 250 Bell Street #100.

Earlier this week, he appeared in the Democratic debate in Detroit. 

After Tuesday's debate he spoke to the press: 

"We have been waiting now for 25 years for the Republican party to come to the table to help defeat climate change. The sad truth is they are all afraid of Donald Trump's shadow. They won't speak up against him on his blatant racism. They will not speak up against him in his climate change denial. Right now the only game in town is the Democratic party. Our party is the last best hope for man to be on this planet, we gotta get a Democrat elected president."

Inslee announced his candidacy on March 1st.