This week's Someone 2 Know was born and raised in Reno - and is now making national headlines.

Jasmeet Baduwalia is the first actor of Indian descent to play a Power Ranger on the silver screen.

After traveling overseas to film, the young performer is back home - for now. We caught up with Jasmeet at Take 2 Performers Studio.

"So I lived out my dream out there, an inspiration to kids now - and just being part of that legacy means a lot to me."

It's a popular superhero series that's been thrilling young fans for more than 25 years. Proudly sporting the blue suit for the newest season of Power Rangers Beast Morphers is actor Jasmeet Baduwalia.

The entire season was taped abroad over a nine month period.

"So we shot in New Zealand. That was beautiful; it was like a little vacation," he smiles

A long way away for the Nevada kid who graduated from North Valleys High School. Jasmeet, who goes by the nick name “Jazz”, got his start at Take 2 Performers Studio in Reno when he was just 12; "...because my dad forced me to. So, I came here for an audit, so I audited the class - and it wasn't for me, I felt like."

Somehow the experience grew on him, and Jazz got hooked on acting - with his sights set on Hollywood.

"14 and a half years old when I went to this competition called IMTA - and there's where I got signed to Momentum Talent Agency."

And the work started coming in; small roles in TV and film. Jazz says the entertainment business is intoxicating and –tough.

"There's a lot of ‘no’s’, there's a lot of judgment, there's a lot of not getting accepted."

So whenever possible, Jazz keeps honing his craft, working with acting coach holly at Take 2 Studios.

Jasmeet is of Punjabi descent and says he's encouraged by the work minorities are landing in Hollywood; "…and we're going for leads, lead roles - it's really making me feel like - this is the time.”

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