We first met our Someone 2 Know, Jennie Gilbert Ross, about three years ago when she began writing the Slicker McQuicker children's stories.

Since then, the 85-year-old author has published 12 of the books and created an entire toy line of the characters.

We met up with Ross at her Reno home and learned there's a lot to know about the octogenarian author; first and foremost is that Jennie LOVES to tell stories, especially ones that teach.

Ross's children's stories take a light tone - with vibrant, colorful illustrations and rhyming words; “They're all done in prose, so they're easy to read and they all have a moral to them,” she explains with a warm smile.

Like the Slicker McQuicker story called “It's A Matter of Conscience”, based on something that really happened when Ross’s sons were little; "There was a little store across the street and he stole a piece of candy."

Jennie still remembers what she told her son that day…

"I wasn't inside when you took it and I'm not gonna be inside when you tell her, and you're gonna tell the owner."

From being different, to dealing with bullies, Slicker's stories tell of growing up in America and overcoming the odds - like Jennie did when she was a little girl in Texas; "This little shack that we lived in, and I mean shack, no running water," she laughs gently, “I mean shack!”

It was in her youth that she fell in love with the written word.

"Poems, I would carry to school in my hip pocket."

Ross has since become an accomplished writer of several genres, including American short stories - which caught the attention of President Trump and the First Lady, both of whom sent official letters from the White House.

At 85 years of age, Jennie Gilbert Ross has published more than 40 books and has no plans of slowing down; "I'm gonna continue writing children's books and mysteries."

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