A massive 40' by 80' American flag still flies above the skies of South Reno, despite the City of Reno issuing the company behind its construction a notice.

Saturday, Sierra RV, a company recently acquired by Gander RV, raised a massive 40' by 80' American flag attached to a 135' pole, according to Sierra RV officials. Monday, 2 News reported that the City has no issues regarding the size of the flag, however, it was unaware of the long pole to which it was attached.

"We didn't have an issue with the flag," said Alex Woodley, Assistant Director of Neighborhood Services for the City of Reno. "Our only concern is the safety of that pole at that height."

Tuesday, code enforcement officers issued a notice to Sierra RV, informing the company it had violated code. Additionally, the City of Reno reports that the company did not pull a building permit for the structure. Flag poles larger than 30' are required to have a building permit in the City of Reno.

"He (the General Sales Manager of Sierra RV) was very cooperative and he said he'll do whatever he needs to do to get it into compliance," Woodley said.

According to the City of Reno, Sierra RV will have to pull a permit, get an engineer stamp, and have its pole inspected by the city before it is legal.

"If it's necessary, we will require them to pull out the pole,' Woodley said of the pole.

Woodley insists it wants the flag and its pole to stay. However, it needs to stay the legal way, and not for it to be removed. 

"As a U.S. Marine, Foreign War Veteran, I can tell you for sure that is not what we want.," Woodley said. 

The General Sales Manager of Sierra RV, Bryan Chowanski, confirmed to 2 News that a code enforcement officer came to their location Tuesday morning to issue them a notice. Chowanski said his company has every intention to comply with Reno’s request and follow the steps to make it right. 

‘We are all on the same team here,’ said Chowanski.