This week's Someone 2 Know is being honored by the American Red Cross in their Everyday Heroes Program.
The non-profit encourages the public to nominate individuals, groups or companies who are making a difference in northern Nevada.

Once a month, 2 News will be profiling one of these nominees as a Someone 2 Know. For July 2019, we take a closer look at Mike Blaho, owner of Title Boxing Southtown in Reno and why he's won the community service award.

Whether his gym members take a relatively calm one-on-one training, or an amped up group session, Blaho knows the health benefits are undeniable; "Fitness curbs depression, it gives you confidence, uh - it makes you over all healthy and you avoid a lot of medical problems."

He says his 25 years experience in health care proves it.

"Taking care of people who had medical problems and I was the guy who diagnosed them, so, through radiology, explains Mike.

The fitness gym has been open less than a year and already mike has reached out to several non-profits to offer free training. This past winter it was the High-Fives Foundation Of Truckee.

"A great organization, says Blaho, They came in here, they had a program for their vets. It's a six week program; they get them in great shape with adaptive sports."

And recently it was a group from Big Brothers Big Sisters that were treated some free training, courtesy of Mike Blaho; We had a group of about ten and we put on a class and we did mostly instructional work, you know - techniques with them, then they got to hit the bags."

Surprised and humbled to be nominated as an American Red Cross Everyday Hero, Blaho says his closeness to the health care community compels him to continue donating the gym's services.

"A free month for all health care workers, come in as many times, sue the, come to the classes - free of charge, he smiles.

If you would like to learn more about the organization honoring Mike Blaho – click  link to the American Red Cross Everyday Heroes…