It's an annual Artown event where you can see the artists in action. The Circus Circus Mural Marathon starts Friday, July 12th, at 4 p.m.

Every year muralists from all over the country create unique works of art on the front of the Circus Circus in Downtown Reno.

"We do a nationwide search and they have a pretty tight community of muralists throughout the nation," said Cindy Carano, Executive Director of Community Relations at THE ROW. "This year we have seven muralists from six states."

A selection committee narrowed the field from 30 applicants.

"The applicants had to present their past work, give us their credentials, and their rendering as to what they're going to paint and we pick from there," Carano said. "We as a selection committee curate the wall to make sure it's all going to be complimentary."

Crews painted over last year's murals a few weeks ago, leaving a blank canvas for this year's lineup of artists.

"They all have different techniques," Carano said. "One gentleman last year spent half of his time gridding, and then all of a sudden his mural appeared, whereas others just start free painting. It's just amazing to see the different techniques."

This year the artists have a little more time to work. The artists will have until 10 a.m. Sunday to finish their pieces.  

Virginia Street in that area will be closed during that time so people can come down and see these artists in action.

"It's a spectator sport," Carano said. "The muralists are all happy to talk with the spectators. We'll have food trucks down there, we have the Playa Park across the street and we'll have the Reno Art Fest between Fifth and Fourth Streets so there will be a lot to do in front of THE ROW this weekend."

The winners will be announced at 11 a.m. on Sunday and the new murals will be on display until next summer.

The judges are:

Terry McBride, Carson City Cultural Commission 
Jerry Ann Bibbey, Artech 
Shoshanna Zeldner, UNR Arts Department            
Nettie Oliverio, Reno Arts and Culture Committee & Public Art Committee

The Muralists are:

David "Puck" Watson, Citrus Heights, CA. – Panel 1
Eric Weatherford, St. Louis, MO. – Panel 2
Ivan Roque, Miami, FL. – Panel 3
Rafael Blanco, Feather River CA but recently moved to Chicago, IL. – Panel 4
Kate O'Hara, Reno, NV. – Panel 5
Melissa Ghiglieri, Central Point, OR. – Panel 6
Jiminai (Austin Cashell), Austin, TX. – Panel 7