All week, our team has been bringing you the story of Argenta Hall exploding form the outside. Not Thursday, though. The University of Nevada let the news media into Argenta to see some of the damage caused by Friday's explosion.

"We have caution tape," Todd Renwick, Chief of Police Services told the media. "Stay within the caution tape."

We walked through a blown out door into the disaster zone which was the Downunder Cafe. 

"You will see a lot of debris," Renwick warned. "A lot of hanging stuff."

Inside, we saw blown out walls, destroyed ceilings, broken windows, dusty counters and an unopened bags of bagels. 

"You know I have eaten in there myself a few times," said Renwick. "You know, I had a daughter that lived in there a couple of semesters ago. There's a lot that goes through my mind." 

The media tour today was only the first level on the east side of the building. The western side was too damaged to let our crews near and the dorm rooms above were off limits. 

Renwick says Argenta Hall, though, is much more than a dorm. It is a place where students and staff came together to talk and eat. 

"Yeah," Renwick remembered. "A  couple of times I've walked though here to get my ice cream, a cookie or my pizza."

Renwick entered the building for the first time Friday, only a few hours after the explosion.

"It was something I've never seen," he said. " It was something I never expected to see."

We are also learning more about the university's insurance policy that covers this mess. The University has a deductible of $500,000 and has coverage up to $100,000,000

"We are cautiously optimistic that insurance will make us whole on all of this," said Kevin Carman- Executive Vice President & Provost of the University of Nevada.

Carman was also on the tour Thursday. He gave a new time line for when Argenta and Nye Halls could reopen. However, "at this point, it's very preliminary... nothing firm."

Nye Hall could reopen by the Fall semester of 2020. 

"(And we are) cautiously optimistic that we could have Argenta online for the fall of 2021," said Carman.