For the first time this summer we might reach 100 degrees at the Reno Airport. 95 degrees is the hottest it’s been so far. Lots of sunshine is still in the forecast with a ridge to the east and a low to the west. We usually see our first 100 degree day during the middle of July, so we are right on schedule.
Last year we hit 100 degrees 20 times, which is the most on record in Reno. 2017 was a close second with 16 times. Our first 100 degree day last year was July 11th. The average temperature for this time of year is 92 degrees. 

 We've been lacking in the rain department and could definitely use some. Dry air tends to heat up rather quickly and cool off quick at night. Lows that move into the Pacific Northwest this time of year usually keeps us very dry, but also slightly cooler, and breezy. That will be the case this weekend as temperatures cool off slightly and winds pick up. In the wintertime, a low moving through the Pacific Northwest would mean a good chance for rain and snow, but this time of year it is the opposite. In the summer, a low moving in from Oregon means a dry southwesterly flow for us. 

While it’s a good thing to not have any lightning, it would be nice to get some rain. We only got a trace in June. We usually get about a half inch for the month and it doesn’t look like any decent chances for rain will come our way anytime soon. We’ll need a couple tenths of an inch if we want to have an average month. July is usually our driest and hottest month. Keep in mind thunderstorms can be very sporadic. While the record counts at the airport, the reports may vary five minutes away from where you live. 

Highs the next few days will be in the mid to upper 90’s with 100 degrees possible, so make sure to eat lots of ice cream. You’ll need at least a few helpings to stay cool. Keep in mind the temperature is much higher in your car, so make sure to keep your pets at home. Have a great day and stay cool.