UPDATE: The Communications Officer of UNR says that the State Fire Marshal completed an inspection of the residence halls late last week.

They say the inspection included graduate student housing in Ponderosa Village.

The Communications Officer says that everything was found to be in safe condition.

They say that in addition to the State Fire Marshal's inspection, the boilers at the University's residence halls have been inspected on a regular basis by third-party investigators.

Virginia street has also been reopened to traffic in the area. The Nevada Taskforce 1 team of structural engineers is in the process of having exposed areas wrapped in protective material for the safety of traffic and passers-by.

University officials gave members of the media a limited tour inside the damaged Argenta Hall on Thursday.  

According to Nevada State Fire Marshal Bart Chambers, there had been no previous violations to the two boilers inside Argenta Hall at the University of Nevada, Reno.

At a press briefing Tuesday, Chambers said the boilers are required to be inspected every 24 months.

"The two boilers in the boiler room of Argenta Hall were last inspected on January 10, 2018 by a third party boiler inspection company," said Chambers.

The boilers would need to be inspected again by January 10, 2020.

The Division of Industrial Relations, according to Chambers, reports that there had never been any violations of the boilers inside Argenta. In addition, he says, there have never been any boiler violations on the university's campus. Despite that, all boilers inside dorms at the University of Nevada, Reno campus will undergo a mandatory inspection. Part of that reason is to give incoming students peace of mind.

"Again, this is a single incident within Argenta Hall," said Chambers. It does not appear to be a 'global issue.' Instead, Chambers said, it is an 'isolated issue.'

We requested the boiler inspection reports for Argenta Hall from the Division of Industrial Relations. However, the office has not yet returned those reports.