UPDATE: The Regional Transportation Commission released security footage from the bus that was taken by 55-year-old Devern Emerson the evening of July 4.

It shows RTC employees reaching the bus, and Emerson cooperating with them before Reno Police arrive and arrest him for unlawfully taking a vehicle. That is a less serious charge than a stolen vehicle, according to RPD officials.

Original Story: The Reno Police Department said an RTC bus was stolen from the Fourth Street station around 7:40 p.m. on Thursday evening.

As we reported, RTC changed contractors from MV Transportation to Keolis. Keolis took over operations July 1, and although they kept 99 percent of the staff, this driver, Devern Emerson, was one of the workers who chose not to return, says General Manager for Keolis Abul Hassan.

Hassan says they're still conducting their investigation, but he believes that's how the mistake happened.

"Emerson] did transition with a Keolis employee," Hassan says. "And if I had to guess right now, we're still investigating the situation, I would say it's a misunderstanding on our employee, because frankly, the person who was operating the bus was an employee as of last week."

Dispatchers for RTC continually monitor buses, and one of the dispatchers noticed one of the drivers didn't log in before leaving with the bus.

"And when they don't log on to those mobile data terminals," Hassan says. "Their vehicle does not register the same way."

On the map dispatchers follow the buses, the bus taken from the 4th Street Station was supposed to be blue, but it was gray. That when dispatchers tried to contact Emerson multiple times. When they didn't get a response, they called the operations manager and Reno Police.

"When we have that type of lack of communication, who knows what could be happening on the bus?" Hassan says. "The driver could be injured, there could be something else happening."

Reno Police says the bus was pulled over at Sunset Mountain and Old US-395 while Emerson was driving his old route and making bus stops.

Keolis Transit Services said there were people on the bus at the time it was stolen, but no one was harmed.

Reno Police said he might have mental health issues but no drugs or alcohol were suspected. Emerson was arrested for taking a vehicle without the owner's consent, which is less serious than stealing a vehicle according to police.