Our Someone 2 Know has answered many skin care questions during our “Ask The Doctor” segments that run during our Monday evening newscasts.

Now, dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Janiga hopes to tackle all concerns related to the health, aging and appearance of our epidermis - with her recently released book.

We met up with the doctor at her office.

From battling frown lines to avoiding sun spots; Dr. Janiga spends a lot of time educating her patients and answering questions; "They're asking me about the sunscreen, they're asking me about skin care, they bring in their bag of products and I felt like there's lot of misinformation out in the world.”

So, the doctor’s new book titled “Clearing Up Skin Care” does just that; illustrating the options using a ladder approach. "And how you can utilize those rungs to move up the anti-aging options that are available to you,” explains Dr. Janiga.

Janiga says she was drawn to this specialty because dermatology treats the whole person; "I get to see my patients at least once a year, in theory, for the rest of their life, “ she smiles.

Her devotion hasn’t gone unnoticed; "She's an amazing person; she's very honest and hardworking,” says plastic surgeon Dr.Timothy Janiga, her business partner and husband. The couple runs their combined practice together in south Reno.

"We did most of our residency and dermatology and plastic surgery,” explains Dr. Jennifer, “And all those rotations together in medical school, so working together is pretty easy for us.”

Together the two doctors treat the surgical, medical and cosmetic needs of the body's largest organ. Some issues like sun protection can get complicated; "Are the chemicals harmful? You know, that type of stuff, I wrote a whole section about in my book actually."

A book that may one day need a volume two - as products and technology advance.

"It all just progresses so fast that I imagine there will have to be additions as we go through the years".

But, says the doc, the sunblock is non-negotiable. We should put it on EVERY DAY.

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