Let the debates begin. Democratic Presidential candidates take the stage in Miami Wednesday and Thursday for the first Presidential debates in the 2020 election. 

There are 496 days until the 2020 race is finished, and some people we asked said it is too soon to care.

"For me, it's too early because it's only June," said Brian Wallace, an Independent.

"The debates are the earliest they've ever been," said Fred Lokken, a professor of Political Science at Truckee Meadows Community College.

Lokken believes the party is debating so soon is to get the most attention.

"They believe they will garner a lot more interest in their race of 2020 by doing this," he said. 

Lokken says in 2015, Republicans started debating in August, and with the election of Donald Trump, it appears that it worked out for them.

We asked several people if they knew about the debates on Wednesday or Thursday.

"No," laughed David Rose, a former stuntman.

"I do," said Wallace. "I know one is tonight and one is tomorrow night."

"I'm not interested in watching them," said Nems Scarim. "I'll got to Happy Hour instead."

"I don't think I'll watch them yet," said Tricia Beron. "I think we have so many days until the election. I'm interested in it."

Republicans are getting an early start too. President Trump officially launched his re-election bid last week. However, he officially filed for re-election with the Federal Elections Committee just hours after he was inaugurated on January 20, 2017.

That has never been done. 

"It's the earliest we've ever seen," said Lokken. "We often wait until the election year."

Republican or Democrat, some just want both sides to get along.

"The country is so divided right now," said Beron. "It would be nice that if we could come together as a country and respect different views and opinions."

The Democratic Caucuses in Nevada are February 22, 2020. That is 240 days from now. Nevada's Democratic Caucuses are third in the nation.