UPDATE: Presidential candidates continue to visit northern Nevada as the buildup to the next presidential election continues. Elizabeth Warren stopped in Reno Wednesday night for what her campaign is calling a community conversation. Elizabeth Warren was the latest candidate to pay a campaign visit to the Reno area.

There was a delay for the rally. There was a medical emergency. Staffers say it didn't involve Warren or her team. But it did push back her speech about half an hour. Still, for those who were there, the delay seemed worth their time.

Chants of Elizabeth Warren's campaign slogans filled the community room at Cathexes architecture during the rally in Reno. Planned for a smaller capacity location, the event seemed more suited for a more personal event than most campaign stops. “Here’s how my stories goes,” started off Warren.That is what most of the people here were looking for. “I just want to get a feeling of who she is. How she interacts with the crowds. If I want to get her positions on things I can get that off her website or news. There are other things like that where I can get that information,” said undecided voter Rich Parks.

Warren talked about campaign issues such as healthcare for all, the government paying off student debt, free college and technical school education. She also talked taxing the wealthy to pay for free child care for all. ”We can raise the wages of every child care worker and preschool teacher to the professional level they deserve,” said Warren.

Warren also talked about immigration and children in immigration detention centers. “I’ve seen with my own eyes what's being done in the name of the American people using American dollars. This just isn't right. We should close for profit detention centers. No one should be making money off locking up children and people who are fleeing for their lives,” said Warren.

Warren also stopped in Las Vegas on Monday. Fellow presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Julian Castro are also visiting the Silver State later this week.

Massachusetts Senator and presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is scheduled to appear in Reno Wednesday evening. 

Her campaign says she will be at the Cathexes office on Bell Street.

Doors open at 5 p.m. with the event beginning at 6 p.m.

Warren held also held an event in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

The event will be open to the public and tickets can be reserved online.

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