A Sacramento officer killed during a domestic violence call had been on the police force for just six months.

The Sacramento Police Department said in a statement Thursday that 26-year-old Officer Tara O'Sullivan graduated from the police academy in December.

Before that, she worked as a community service officer and studied at Sacramento State University, where she graduated with a degree in child development about a year ago.

Deputy Chief Dave Peletta says the department is devastated over the loss of "our young, brave officer."

A suspect in the shooting Wednesday surrendered after an eight-hour standoff. His name has not been released.

The department said detectives are gathering evidence at the home in a Sacramento neighborhood.

The Sacramento Bee reports that according to city records, O'Sullivan had been working for the city since January 2018. She was part of the first class of graduates of Sacramento State's Law Enforcement Candidate Scholars program in 2017 and went on to the Sacramento Police Academy.

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