The temperature dial is set on extra hot this summer. According to the Climate Prediction Center, while the beginning of July will be cooler, the summer season as a whole has a good chance of being hotter than normal. Some people are already feeling the heat. 

"It just needs to cool down a little,” said Northern Nevada resident Alice Lievanos. 

You could say that’s what swimming is for. The first day of summer officially begins June 21st.  Reno has been in the 90's 11 times so far this year, which is about double the amount of this time last year. Average temperature for the end of June is the lower to mid 80's. July is usually our hottest month. By then the average temperature is in the lower 90’s. Last summer was the hottest July on record in Reno. Some air conditioning businesses are looking forward to the heat again this year. 

"I know not a lot of people like to be out when it's 104 degrees but we're waiting on that weather,” said Jason Downing of Sierra Air Inc.

If we want to beat last year there are a few records we’ll have to break. We’ll have to have at least 21 days in the triple digits and more than 56 consecutive days in the 90’s. 

The thermometer hit 90 degrees 70 times during the summer of 2018. We usually see our first 100 degree day towards the middle of July. The earliest on record is June 7th and the latest is August 31st. 108 is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Reno.