Google presenters and coaches took over the Carson City Library Wednesday, turning it into a digital skills school…helping locals with their job searches which today are more digital than ever. Carson City may seem small compared to a mega-company like Google, but Google thinks it’s a pretty big deal. They know the capitol city is, as Google’s Katherine Williams told me, “Transitioning from hospitality to diversifying into many different sectors. It's a hub for innovation."

This is one stop of a national tour to public libraries in all 50 states. Three- quarters of all libraries offer job skills training. 90% offer digital skills training. The Carson City Library offers both. As interim director Diane Baker said, “We offer everything from 'Mouse and Keyboard' for our very beginners, all the way up to using Excel and Microsoft suite skills so they can translate that right into a job."

Other digital skills give non-profits a boost. One large class was held just for them. And Google coaches like Tony DiRosa were set up in stand-up booths to show small business owners how to win online. Tony showed us some “Google My Business” sites. As he told me, "You want to make sure you're showing up. People can leave reviews; they can see photos from your business. You can do that by claiming your free Google My Business listing."

Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell says this event, “bridges the gap between technology and workforce and employment, and you know those things are important." Mayor Crowell knows many small shops that could benefit: "There are those who are just getting off the ground who would like to know more about, like email. I know Google would say Gmail, but there are other ways of doing those things."

For everyone else, a brush up on what the world of digital is these days…all of it offered for free. Google’s Katherine Williams told me, "Google's mission is for everyone. It's to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

Today's training in Carson City was a 1-day event…the Google crew is already off to another state. But all their help is online. All you have to do…is Google it: “Grow With Google.”