It's no secret that some people have been critical of Traci Davis' role as Superintendent of the Washoe County School District. A lot of people still talk about her salary. But how does it compare to that of her predecessors? 

In 2018, Davis earned  $447,753.26 in total pay and benefits. In 2015, her first full year, she earned $342,006.05. Essentially, her salary has gone up about 20 percent in three years. 

Is that an unusually high jump? 

Before Davis, Pedro Martinez was in the leadership position. According to Transparent Nevada, in 2014, Martinez's last full year as Superintendent, he earned $345,795.47 in total pay and benefits.

In 2012, it was $157,611.93. Before Martinez, Heath Morrison was Washoe County's Superintendent. He earned $351,396.66 his last year in that spot (2011). His first year he earned $161,973.49 according to Transparent Nevada. 

Regardless of who the Superintendent is, we asked how much money a Superintendent should earn. 

"If I had to put a number on it, it's hard to do, but I'd say a couple hundred thousand at the most," said Rick Bergess of Lake Tahoe. 

"I would say no more than $200,000 or $250,000 with benefits all included," said Julia Miod of Reno. 

We also asked how people felt about Tuesday's news of Davis taking a leave of absence and news of Chief Student Services Officer Dr. Byron Green and Chief of Staff David Lasic leaving their roles with the WCSD.  

"I'm  curious as to what is going on," said Carri Chaney of Reno. "I've not been really happy with the school board for a while now and I don't know how much the superintendent has to do with it. I'm just curious." 

"It just really fires me up," said Lisa Rossler. "It's sad. It's disgusting. It's deplorable."