UPDATE: The Lyon County Sheriff's Office says 9-1-1 services have been restored for Verizon customers.

Sparks Police says it's been restored for their area as well.

We're still waiting to hear from the other agencies at this time.

The Sparks Police Department says for customers with Verizon Cell phone service, the 9-1-1 function is not available. 

They said it's due to a main switch going down in Stockton. 

Sparks Police says residents should use the non-emergency number at (775) 353-2231 if you need the police, fire or paramedic assistance in the Sparks city limits until further notice.

They said there is currently no time frame fore the service to be back up and running.

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office says if you have an emergency call in their area, call (775) 463-6620 or use a different phone or land line.

Here's a list of other numbers to call in case of emergency:

  • Reno Police: (775) 334-2121 or (775) 334-2677
  • Washoe County Sheriff's Office: (775) 785-9276
  • Storey County Sheriff's Office: (775) 847-0950