This year the Reno Rodeo is celebrating its 100th year anniversary, and started the celebration with its 28th Annual Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive Sunday morning.

People from all around the world geared up in cowboy hats, ready to hit the open road.

The 2019 Reno Rodeo President said, "The cattle drive is kind of a tradition. We started it, I think 28 years ago and it's just to depict what happened on cattle drives in the 1860s and give people that experience. And it's become a big part of the Reno Rodeo, I can't imagine the Reno Rodeo without our Cattle Drive."

The experience costs about $2,000. Guests embark on a five day journey, trekking through over a hundred miles of terrain.

City folks get to play cowboy, driving about 300 head of rodeo steer.

But despite the challenges riders face, many of them say the experience is worth every penny. Paul Kelly, a guest from Texas said this year is his second year at the Cattle Drive, and the life-changing experience brought him back.

"I love horses. I love cattle. I love the western atmosphere. I used to do it a lot when I was young. This is a way to get back in touch with it, to just have a good time, meet some good people, and have a lot of fun."

After the five day journey, the group will herd the cattle back to Reno on Thursday, kicking off the Reno Rodeo with a parade on Sutro Street. You can find more information about the Reno Rodeo on the Reno Rodeo website.