This is the first time a President from a Europe Union State has visited our city.

Officials say the drone demonstration with the Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems, "E-LOT" Poland's largest aerospace company on hand, and NASA helped strengthen ties between both countries.

Especially as we continue to develop new technology that enhances the capabilities of drones.

President Andrzej Duda says that drones have a promising future in our world.

He says it may be challenging to see that now but that younger generations are already implementing drones into their lives.

An official with Governor Sisolak's Office of Economic Development says drone use can help in more ways than one.

"Think of our rural areas in Nevada and health care, so there is a lot of ways we can deliver much needed medicine to rural areas. I think the most immediate use where people will see drones is within that last mile of delivery. So think about your Amazon packages and the last mile from your distribution center to your home," says Christopher Sanchez.Sanchez

He says that this demonstration helps put Reno on the map internationally and that our city has made a lot of progress in our abilities to test drones.

The Governor's Office of Economic Development says they have been working with Poland for years on this partnership.

"This is kind of a culmination of all of that effort. The Reno Stead Airport has tremendous capabilities for drone testing and that partnership with the Institute of Aviation has been about a year in the making now. Testing has been happening out here quite frequently. So the president got wind of that and felt like he needed to check it out for himself," says Sanchez.

President Duda says that he is happy he got to see the partnership between Nevada and Poland thrive with his own eyes.