Our Someone 2 Know - a young athlete - is definitely a “Someone 2 Watch”.

Adia Walker started playing several sports when she was just five years old and now focuses exclusively on basketball and is on track to be one of Nevada’s stand-out players.

We got to watch 13-year old Adia work her magic on the court during practice at South Reno Athletic Club.

She's got hustle, heart - and skill.

"I don't know if she takes any days off,” smiles Coach Eathan O'Bryant, Executive Director of Nevada Basketball Academy (NBA). “She's a terrific, a terrific kid and a terrific basketball player - and you put that all together, you have Adia Walker."

"I'm a very competitive person,” admits Adia with a big grin.

And a very busy one;

The teenager has been playing basketball for half her life; traveling for club games and tournaments.

"I go to like, Sacramento, I've been to San Francisco, I'm going to Portland, Oregon - and L.A."

Adia currently plays for the Sacramento division of the prestigious Cal Stars club team and Reno's Nevada Basketball Academy.

All while attending school full time

Adia says it takes time management; "Right after practice, at six thirty, I go home, I shower, then I do my homework."

As a member of the Paiute And Shoshone Tribe, Adia also plays co-ed “Rez Ball” and credits her male teammates for giving her an aggressive edge; "Boys are much more competitive. They like to have the ball, they throw really hard passes, they can shoot really well and you have to, you have to have fast pace."

O'Bryant says that experience makes a difference; "She smiles off the court, but when she steps between the lines, she becomes a new person. She is very tenacious on both ends - very aggressive, all she wants to do is win."

Walker is yet to start high school - ADIA starts Reno High in the fall and hopes to play for the school - and already has an eye on the future;

"I at least want to play in college. If I have to pay for it, I'm willing to play hard to work for it."

Coach Eathan believes Adia is unstoppable; "she's one of those kids who’s gonna get a lot of attention, probably nationally but definitely statewide."