The Reindeer Lodge has become a landmark in the area, and a well-known sight for anyone who drives up or down Mt. Rose Highway.

As you walk around the property, you can't help but notice the history and artifacts at the lodge where bands used to play and people gathered for special events.

But the present is just as evident as the past. Fences and signs surround the land reminding the nearby traffic to keep out, because this is private property.

Back in May of 2018, KTVN’s Chris Buckley walked the property of the Reindeer Lodge with long time owner Gary Schmidt.

At the time, Schmidt said his plans were to preserve as much of the lodge as he could before he sells it. The building was in poor shape since the roof collapsed because of a heavy snow load back in 2017.

Now fast forward to June 2019, where an excavator sits amongst some of the rubble of the lodge. A permit has been issued to Schmidt for demolition.

"Washoe County is aware that the property owner has initiated work at Reindeer Lodge," says Sarah Tone, Washoe County Business Facilitator. "As we would in any project, we will continue to support review by local government experts to ensure that basic minimum codes are met to protect public safety."

Despite portions of the Reindeer Lodge already being taken down, Schmidt says he likes to call this a removal and rebuild rather than a demolition.

Schmidt says portions of the building will remain intact, while other parts will need a rebuild.

He'd like to see the lodge become a microbrewery or a business that supports mountain activities like snowboarding or hiking.

If neither of those comes true, he's hopeful it will become a new lodge that can create a history of its own.

He says while the lodge isn’t currently on the market, there’s still a $3.25 million dollar price tag on these four parcels of land that sit on four acres next to Mt. Rose Hwy.

Schmidt couldn't meet with us on Wednesday, but he did speak to KTVN over the phone.