Local law enforcement agencies are busy out on the streets enforcing pedestrian safety laws, in response to an increase in fatalities on the roads.

Crossing the street at a crosswalk and looking both ways is always the safest thing to do when crossing the street. Yet drivers not paying attention can easily make things dangerous. But this month law enforcement is out watching and waiting to make sure everyone knows and obeys the laws.

This is part of the 26 agency joining forces campaign, focusing on pedestrian safety.  Washoe County has seen an increase in pedestrians being hit on the roadways.  Eight people have died in these crashes this year, which is more than twice the amount as this time last year.

"We are not here just for the motorists; we are also here educating pedestrians. Pedestrians need to be aware of where their crossing, make sure you are crossing at a proper place, if there is a crosswalk available, make sure you use that instead of just stepping into the travel lane,” said Trooper Hannah DeGoey, Public Information officer for the NHP.

Law enforcement agencies will be using out of uniform officers crossing the street to catch drivers not giving pedestrians the right of way.

“Drivers, make sure you make eye contact with those pedestrians. Make sure you see each other, because crossing the road is a shared responsibility," said DeGoey.

The pedestrian safety campaign will continue across the silver state until June 18th.