A family from Reno is packing up their bags this Summer and hitting the road for a cross-country adventure, but the road trip isn't just for Summer vacation.

Jasen and Christy Arias, along with their two sons Piven and Kemper are looking for a good story, but not just any story. They are traveling thousands of miles, coast-to-coast to find a rescue dog that will be named "America's Favorite Rescued Hero."

The Arias family’s 18-city Furever USA Rescued Heroes Road Tour kicks off on Friday, June 14 from their hometown of Reno, Nevada.

They’ll spend the next 60 days with the hopes of meeting like-minded animal advocates and inspiring people to adopt from reputable rescue groups.

Stories are being sought now for a unique, free contest designed to highlight the importance of rescue dogs and help local animal welfare organizations along the way. Several winners will receive a variety of prizes, including the grand prize of $5,000 grant for a nonprofit animal welfare group of the winner’s choice.

The couple started Furever USA with the goal of sharing happily-ever-after stories through an immersive photographic experience that brings out the very best of their clients’ relationships with their dogs.

“Unlike organizations that use sad images of rescue dogs to make an impact, our goal is to show the joy that rescued dogs bring to their families,” she said. “Ultimately, we want to inspire others to adopt rescue dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds. We also support the rescue community by donating a portion of our fees to local rescue groups.” 

“This is a rare chance to share your dog’s story on a national platform,” said Jasen Arias, adding that stories must be submitted online 15 days prior to the family’s arrival in each city. “We’re seeking heartwarming, humorous and inspiring stories that Christy can capture through her creative, artistic lens.” 
A schedule of story submission deadlines and tour stops follows (tour date stops are subject to change):
City                             Stories Due by Midnight:                      Tour Stop Dates
Los Angeles                             May 31                                               June 17-18
Scottsdale                                June 3                                                June 20-22
Houston                                    June 10                                              June 25-27
New Orleans                            June 12                                              June 29
Atlanta                                      June 12                                              July 1
Charleston, SC                        June 12                                              July 3
Washington D.C.                     June 18                                              July 5-6
Philadelphia                             June 21                                              July 8-9
Asbury Park, N.J.                    June 21                                              July 11
New York, N.Y.                        June 26                                              July 13-15
Boston                                      July 1                                                 July 17-19
Buffalo                                      June 21                                              July 21-22
Chicago                                    July 7                                                 July 24-25
Kansas City                              July 9                                                 July 27-29
Denver                                     July 15                                               July 31
Salt Lake City                           July 15                                               August 2
Sacramento                              July 22                                               August 4-5
Reno                                        July 23                                               August 7-9
To submit a story or learn more details, visit https://www.fureverusa.com/roadtrip/. The public is invited to vote for their favorite stories. You can also follow their adventure on Instagram @fureverusa and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FUREVERUSAofficial/ 

(Furever USA contributed to this report.)