Governor Steve Sisolak signed a bill on Friday creating a Patient Protection Commission that will examine health care costs and the primary factors that are driving those costs. 

The PPC will also review the disparity of care among different communities, including the adequacy of health care providers and availability of health insurance plans. 

Gov. Sisolak signed Senate Bill 544 alongside Department of Health and Human Services Director Richard Whitley and DHHS staff.

“As I often say, health care is only accessible if it’s affordable,” Gov. Sisolak said. “The Patient Protection Commission will take a comprehensive look at the state of health care in Nevada and identify areas we need to improve, things we’re doing well, and more ways we can ensure that access to health care is available to all Nevadans, no matter their ZIP code. I’m thrilled to sign SB544 into law today, and I’d like to thank Director Richard Whitley and his department for their work to expand access to health care for all Nevada families.”

The PPC will have 11 members appointed by the governor with recommendations from legislative leadership. The membership will include representation from across the industry – health plans, providers, hospitals, and pharmaceutical – an academic experienced in health care policy, and patient advocates to represent health care consumers. 

(The Office of Governor Sisolak contributed to this report.)