With the Truckee River running as high and as fast as it is, Reno firefighters were out training Friday on how to rescue someone from the water.

Crews say all that snow we got in the winter is running off into the river making the flow almost twice the normal speed.

It also means the water level is higher and less shore for people trying to get out of the river.

“When we have a lot of people floating the river and having fun, if they attempt to take out in certain places they’re going to get hung up in all the vegetation, and could pose a potential threat,” James Leonesio, swift water rescue technician. 

Crews say the river is also colder than people expect and it only takes a few minutes in the water before the cold saps your strength.

“With many area children starting their summer breaks on Saturday and warm temperatures in the forecast, we know that there will be increased interest in our area rivers. We urge families to be safe around the water this time of year, as flows are still very fast and the water is extremely cold," say Reno Fire Chief Dave Cochran said.