This week, crews pieced together townhomes in the Olympic Valley area in just a matter of hours. The construction is all part of a project where two different home builders are bringing prefabricated houses to the Tahoe Basin.

“It has to become the future, stick building has been the same for the past 100 years plus and this is just growing in popularity,” says Keith Knutson, factory manager with Method Homes.

Knutson says modular homes are built to the same standard and code as more traditional site builds, but the transportation of the materials is a bit different.

“It just has to be built in boxes that can fit down the road,” says Knutson.

Those boxes are called modules. Each module is about 16 feet wide and about 60 feet long. Inside it, you'll find exactly what you'd expect in any old home, like bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen.

“Over the last 3 months we've been building these modules in our factory in Washington,” says Knutson.

Knutson says the major selling point of a prefab home is how quickly each one can be installed. He says overall the construction is 60% faster than a traditional stick build.

“The time frame can be cut way down, especially in areas like Tahoe or mountain towns where you have a limited building season,” says Knutson.

Despite a majority of the home being complete on Tuesday, construction crews still need to piece together the roof, garage, siding and flooring.

Knutson says Tuesday’s custom home will come at a comparable cost to a stick builds nearby. The contractor on this particular project did not specify the exact cost of these homes, but the median home price in the Olympic Valley area is about $640,000.