Lake Tahoe Community College announced Tuesday that it is expanding its free tuition program from one year to three years.

The Lake Tahoe College Promise program will now be available to first-time, full-time eligible students who are earning a college degree starting this fall. 

LTCC Promise students will also be eligible for free South Shore bus transportation, a free $100 quarterly bookstore credit for school supplies, and access to a free textbook lending library.

Former California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 19 in 2017, eventually paving the way for LTCC to start offering its Promise Program in 2018. At that time, the program only offered one year of free tuition. 

Thanks to an anonymous donation, LTCC says it is now able to expand the program to Nevada residents in the Tahoe Basin.

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in and complete at least 12 or more units each quarter for up to three academic quarters, for a maximum of three years or until degree completion, whichever happens first.

The program is open to all California residents, all California Dreamer students who are eligible through California Assembly Bill 540, and Nevada residents or Dreamers living in particular zip codes within the Tahoe Basin. A full list of eligibility requirements is available online at 

(Lake Tahoe Community College contributed to this report.)