Last month, a Reno couple found a four-year-old Akita mix named Milo while visiting an Oregon campground.

At the time, Milo did not have a microchip or an up-to-date dog tag, so the Reno couple brought him to the Biggest Little City and took him to the Washoe County Regional Animal Services.

“It's not common for a pet that does not have current tags or a microchip to be reunited, specifically if the animal goes missing and gets transferred across state lines,” says Shyanne Schull, Director of Regional Animal Services.

Despite it being against the odds, social media did what it does best when people on Facebook helped a post of Milo spread like wildfire.

With more than 1,000 shares, it eventually made its way into an Oregon group called Kona Alert.

The moderator of that page then found a different post of Milo from someone in Oregon. The post was a picture of a cardboard sign that Milo’s owner made proclaiming that he was missing.

Now with all the pieces on the internet, all that was left was to find the owner and tell them where Milo was. Thankfully, the page moderator of Kona Alert did just that.

On Monday, Melissa Simpson made the trip to Reno and was reunited with her dog that went missing for nearly three weeks ago.

“When I lost him my world shattered, and I didn't think I was going to see him again,” says Simpson.

Simpson is calling the reunion a miracle since she doesn’t have a phone, she doesn’t use the internet and she doesn’t even have a physical home address.

But now that Milo is back in her arms, she's thankful to all of the people online who helped to share their story.

“He's a beautiful very loving dog, anyone would be blessed to have him as a friend and I’m glad that God chose me to be his friend,” says Simpson.

Before Simpson left to go back to Oregon, the Regional Animal Services microchipped Milo, so if he goes missing again, it'll be much easier to find him next time.